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 Client Services 

The Zeidler Group offers a range of client services from dialogue facilitation, coaching and training, and private consultation. We stand ready to assist organizations, businesses, religious institutions, and neighborhoods by facilitating discussions that address pressing needs.  Whether your group has 5 or 500 participants, we will work with you to design and conduct dialogues related to a divisive event, an ongoing conflict, or strategic visioning.
For Faith Communities

Is your congregation looking for a way to make the paradigm shift into 21st-century ministry? Are new mission priorities beckoning and it’s time to update your mission plan? Does your congregation have a mission plan?


The Zeidler Group can help your congregation design and facilitate a Participative Strategic Planning Process (PEP for short) that will provide your congregation with a clear path forward in the mission to guide staffing decisions, define critical outcomes and related activities that show success, and communicate impact to members and donors.

For Schools and Universities


The Zeidler Group leads private trainings for schools and universities who would like to be equipped to lead their own dialogues. 


We provide coaching to help you and your team prepare for a particularly challenging meeting or conversation. We may provide coaching as a follow-up to a Customized Training or Facilitated Dialogue, to help you continue to the constructive conversations in your community. 

For Businesses and Organizations

The Zeidler Group are experts in offering dialogue as a tool to facilitate understanding and change. Combined with a process that is human driven and uses lean metrics, a company can begin to truly align their people, process and purpose to improve bottom-line performance.

We offer a service to help implement changes based on the report out of facilitated dialogues. It includes check-ins, leadership development, metric tracking, facilitated meetings and performance reporting.

Work with the Zeidler Group

Interested in utilizing facilitated dialogue within your community or organization or hosting a private facilitator training?  The Zeidler Group has experience with local, national and international organizations, universities and schools, businesses, community groups and individuals. 

We custom-design each project to suit the needs of your participants.

You can begin the conversation by calling us or filling out the interest form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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