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  Mission & Vision 

Changing the Conversation

Founded in 2006, the Zeidler Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people have difficult conversations.


We offer professional facilitation, team building, strategic planning and community engagement services, working with organizations, neighborhoods, businesses and faith communities across a range of issues. We believe that positive and sustainable community action aimed at repairing relationships must start with trust building and humanizing.



The mission of the Zeidler Group is to foster civil dialogue and invite trust in the midst of differences.



Our vision is to increase the use of facilitated dialogue, enabling people to come together to increase understanding, and leading to a more healthy exchange of ideas and changes in behavior that will improve the lives of those who live in our community. Our vision emerges from our beliefs about society:


  • We believe the current social atmosphere is one of division and mutual distrust.  Groups in society seem increasingly polarized.


  • We believe avenues for conducting public discussion are either unknown to the public or not satisfying in clarifying community needs and building cooperation.  Local discussion – trademark of an open and democratic society – rarely takes place.


  • We believe trained facilitators can provide ways to open discussions on issues, enabling citizens to discuss issues of the common good in fresh ways.


  • We believe that by supporting all efforts to improve community discussion of public issues, more groups will collaborate.  Producing a base of informed and involved citizens will work to improve the existing climate of alienation and blame.

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