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 Our Work 

Zeidler Group has partnered with dozens of organizations, neighborhoods, and businesses to facilitate group processes that bring about lasting change for communities. Read below to learn about some of our past work!

Program Areas

Honoring Community Voices

Rather than shy away from the tough issues, the Zeidler Group leads conversations on the topics that matter most. Our professional facilitators, tailored group processes & comprehensive reporting allow voices to be heard in powerful ways, building trust and relationships in the midst of differences. Click below to see examples of our work with communities.

Partnering with the Arts

Harnessing the powerful relationship between dialogue and the arts, each year the Zeidler Group works with local arts organizations to offer the public unique opportunities for engagement before and after films, plays, exhibits & other productions. Click below to see examples of our work with the arts. 

Thriving as a Body

Since our founding by Mayor Frank Zeidler and other members of the Redeemer Lutheran Church, the Zeidler Group has been dedicated to serving faith communities of diverse religions and denominations. We assist leaders & congregations to grow through challenges with facilitated group processes and restorative practices. Click below to see examples of our work with faith communities.

Learning through Listening

The Zeidler Group works with elementary schools through universities to facilitate group processes on challenging issues involving students, teachers and parent groups. We also offer youth/student facilitator trainings. Click below to see examples of our work with education. 

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