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Faith Programs

Read below to see some examples of our work with faith communities. Interested in partnering with us or bringing the Zeidler Center to your community? Contact us here!

Supporting Transformative Change in Faith Communities

The Zeidler Center for Public Discussion has worked with numerous faith communities who seek support with any of the following:

  • Civil discussion of challenging social topics (political polarization, race relations, LGBTQ issues, etc.)

  • Improved communication regarding issues that have led to internal divisions or tension between members

  • Support in facing significant transitions (i.e. change in leadership, growth or decline of membership, questions about sustainability, etc.)

Please contact us for a free consultation about our services to support your faith community!

Interfaith Dialogues & Input Groups

The Zeidler Center convenes different faith groups in public and private dialogues to discuss pressing social issues including discrimination. 

Beginning summer/fall of 2018 the Zeidler Center will be facilitating a series of visioning and desirability input groups for a future Interfaith Student Center. 

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