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 The Zeidler Group 

The Zeidler Group is the consulting arm of The Zeidler Center, and allows us to serve groups from 5 to 1500 locally, nationally, and internationally. The Zeidler Groups stands ready to assist groups through facilitation as we continue to expand. The Zeidler Group will allow us to become not only an asset to our served communities but continue to grow in helping to bridge communities and foster trust all around the world. 

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Work with the Zeidler Center

Interested in utilizing facilitated dialogue within your community or organization or hosting a private facilitator training?  The Zeidler Center has experience with local, national and international organizations, universities and schools, businesses, community groups and individuals. 

We custom-design each project to suit the needs of your participants.

You can begin the conversation by emailing or calling our Executive Director, Katherine Wilson, or please fill out the interest form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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