June 27, 2016

Over the month we've been in the Congo, the Zeidler Center has been graciously hosted by Rally International/Nouvelle Communaute de l'Esperance (NCE). NCE is a local church with locations in the Goma neighborhoods of Berere and Magunga. Most of the facilitators-in-trai...

June 14, 2016

"This teaching reminds me of the Baraza.

It's a tradition that is now dying as we move away

from our tribes and into urban areas. 

I believe this teaching could help us revive the Baraza

for this time and for this place." 

--Pr. Euclid Mugisho, Goma, DR Congo

I heard the...

May 13, 2016

The Zeidler Center's mission is to foster civil dialogue and invite trust in the midst of differences. Within our dialogues, deep listening plays a vital role. We invite you to learn more about the power of deep listening through this podcast.

In this episode of "On Be...

February 24, 2016