June 27, 2016

Over the month we've been in the Congo, the Zeidler Center has been graciously hosted by Rally International/Nouvelle Communaute de l'Esperance (NCE). NCE is a local church with locations in the Goma neighborhoods of Berere and Magunga. Most of the facilitators-in-trai...

June 14, 2016

"This teaching reminds me of the Baraza.

It's a tradition that is now dying as we move away

from our tribes and into urban areas. 

I believe this teaching could help us revive the Baraza

for this time and for this place." 

--Pr. Euclid Mugisho, Goma, DR Congo

I heard the...

May 13, 2016

The Zeidler Center's mission is to foster civil dialogue and invite trust in the midst of differences. Within our dialogues, deep listening plays a vital role. We invite you to learn more about the power of deep listening through this podcast.

In this episode of "On Be...

February 24, 2016


Reflective Structured Dialogue (RSD)is the method used by the Zeidler Center in Milwaukee. The basic tools of that method come from the Public Conversations Project in  Watertown, Massachusetts.


My personal conviction is that while similar to many important methods,...

February 2, 2016


Hearing my granddaughter Zadie rehearse the musical scales with her violin recently, it reminded me that music, art, and other disciplines have some central and essential characteristics.  As a Michael Jordan admirer, I remember a teammate saying of this great basketb...