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Bee The Change

What's the buzz?

Bee the Change is a four way partnership between the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Midnight Run and Beevanglists that works to empower meal program guests and community members to become "Beevangelists" certified in beekeeping and dialogue facilitation. We spread the buzz about the importance of the bees and our need to support them in our own neighborhoods and beyond.  In 2017, we will be hosting community dialogues about the importance of bees and how we can learn lessons from the hive and apply them to our communities.  

Redeemer Lutheran Church 

Redeemer Lutheran Church is the home of the Noon Run meal program and the roof of the church is home to the Bee the Change program's two main bee hives. 

Noon Run Meal Program (Midnight Run)

Noon Run is a lunch meal program started by Marquette University students that has taken root in Redeemer's kitchen and dining space.  Noon Run hosts lunch 6 days a week and brings together students, community members and more for conversation and nourishment. 

Zeidler Center

Through the Zeidler Center , Bee the Change participants are trained in dialogue facilitation and public speaking.  This past summer, the Bee the Change crew gave countless "bee-sentations" on the importance of urban beekeeping all over Milwaukee.  


Beevangelists is a non-profit community organization that runs community supported apiaries in Milwaukee.  In addition, Beevangelists teaches holds workshops and classes for anyone who is curious about the bees.  

Want to get involved?

Your donation supports the costs of beekeeping training ($200 per person) and facilitation training ($120 per person) for our Bee the Change Participants. 

Stay tuned for updates on our 2017 Bee the Change community dialogues.

Contact Charlie Koenen of Beevangelists ( to meet the Bee the Change crew and learn more about the bees. 

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