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Arts Programs

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Read below to see some examples of our work with the arts. Interested in partnering with us or bringing the Zeidler Center to your community? Contact us here!

Fellows & Facilitators series

A partnership with Ex Fabula, events in this series combine powerful storytelling by Ex Fabula fellows with humanizing dialogue led by Zeidler facilitators on topics covering racism segregation, privilege and oppression.

Conversation Series with Milwaukee Film Festival

Since 2015, the Zeidler Center has partnered with the Milwaukee Film Festival to host post-film conversations offering filmgoers the opportunity to continue dialogues started by 100+ films featured during their annual Film Festival. 

Join us at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival, from October 18 - November 1, 2018. 

Act II at the Milwaukee Rep

In partnership with the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, each year the Zeidler Center facilitates dynamic community engagement through post-play dialogues following each performances of a play.  The play is Act 1 and the audience's participation in listening circles is called Act 2!


2016: American Song

2017: Disgraced

2018: Until the Flood

2019: Every Brilliant Thing

First Stage Children's Theater Youth Discussions

In this ongoing partnership with First Stage, the Zeidler Center facilitates dialogues and engagement with youth audience members in conjunction with First Stage productions, encouraging participants to have open conversations, ask questions of peers, and discuss how the plays influenced them.

Curiosity Circles at Milwaukee Public Museum

The Curiosity Circles at Milwaukee Public Museum is an ongoing series where participants view an exhibit, then stay to unpack your experiences with and perceptions with your fellow community members.

Designing Equity

The Zeidler Center, MKE<->LAX and Greater Together lead an initiative called "Designing Equity" to bring awareness to Milwaukee’s racial and economic inequality through public media campaigns, public art, creative placemaking, and facilitated public discussions.

This project has been generously funded by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

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