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Zeidler Group Board of Directors Announces New Executive Director Starting April 2023

Dear Zeidler Group Community,

We are thrilled to announce that Shawnta Sayner (pronounced shaun-TAY SAY-ner) has accepted our offer to become our newest Executive Director.  

Shawnta impressed us with her insight and judgment honed through years in the business world; value for pluralism and people coming from places different from her; and ability to connect with multiple audiences. Shawnta describes herself as: An inclusive collaborator and innovative problem-solver who thrives on connecting people, resources, content, and ideas to help drive long-lasting relationships and strategic success. At this juncture in her life, she is taking a leap of faith with us, bringing her purpose-driven focus to our work.  

Shawnta is donating her time and expertise while we rebuild our foundation and operations; together we will work toward securing funds that would support sustainable growth for her role, our team, and our organization. Shawnta has committed to serve for at least two years, beginning April 10. 

As we begin this new chapter, know that everyone's engagement matters; in the coming stretch, we will send out calls for contributions from our community.

We are filled with excitement as the cherished circles we’ve so dearly missed feel within reach. We hope you share this enthusiasm with us — and this news with others.

The Zeidler Group Board of Directors

Our Mission:   
To foster civil dialogue & 
invite trust in the midst of differences.

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