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Zeidler Group Update and Giving Season Appeal
November 2023



Authentic, connected dialogue produces a wonderful kind of hope. To deeply listen… and truly be heard… is a gift. And we are thrilled to be working on behalf of this hope again.

Over the past seven months, our Executive Director, Shawnta Sayner, has breathed life into Zeidler Group. She has poured herself into learning the legacy of the organization, while leading us into our next chapter.

Speaking of which, we are thrilled to share that Zeidler Group recently produced our first dialogues since our pause! It was invigorating, to see our circles again. For our facilitators to facilitate! A first step, with more to come.

We’ve put out calls to our community this year to join us in rebuilding, and we are deeply grateful to all who raised a hand and said: “I would like to help Zeidler Group.” What we’ve also heard in that response is our neighbors saying they are longing for more dialogue — and the feeling of hope that comes with it.

The fact that Zeidler Group is still here is entirely due to the power of community. This is an entirely volunteer operation at the moment, including Shawnta. She is volunteering as Executive Director willingly, which is lovely on some levels, but ultimately not sustainable. Especially given the caliber of her leadership and the work our community deserves.

At this vulnerable time for our organization, we rebuild by growing our facilitators in skill and in numbers, allowing us to sustainably lead more of our cherished circles. A financial gift would go a long way toward reaching our $15,000 goal to support this effort and sustain our work. Amidst all of the possibility and change ahead, we are thrilled to be in the business of hope again.

Please click here to learn more about our goal and to add your gift.

Thank you for being part of our amazing ZG Community.

Mary Campbell, Board Chair

Our Mission:   
To foster civil dialogue & 
invite trust in the midst of differences.

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