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Zeidler Group Thanks You!

In our recent fundraising drive to kickstart 2024, contributions from supporters like you helped us exceed $5,000 in donations, providing us with an influx of resources to carry us into the New Year with added excitement. As a 100% donor-supported organization, every achievement is an impactful testament to all we can do together to empower our community through dialogue. 

I’m excited to reflect on the progress we've made since I joined our ZG Community last Spring. We've engaged advisors, revitalized committees, and reconnected with our community through powerful events—all made possible by your continued connection to our organization. 

As always, your support remains instrumental in paving the way for especially promising opportunities to strengthen communities this election year. Every show of support not only bolsters everyone who contributes to the work we do, but also inspires others as evidence of our community’s deep belief in how we do it.


Please consider a one-time or recurring gift to keep our momentum going as we plan how we can best help bring people together during this particularly politically charged year.

As we look forward to the opportunities before us, I want to express my sincerest thanks for your steadfast support last year, and your enduring commitment in this one. We could not do what we do without you.

Thank you for being a part of our amazing ZG Community!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Shawnta Sayner, Executive Director


Our Mission:   
To foster civil dialogue & 
invite trust in the midst of differences.

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